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Muhammad Usman State, Federal, Pakistan Traffic issues
Candace State, , United States Housing and affordable rent
Joy M. Federal, , United States Abortion Rights
Scott Municipal, , United States I hope there will not be any more two-lane roundabouts constructed in Greenville.
Teddy Municipal, , United Kingdom traffic
Darrel State, , United States Potholes need to be fixed. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Mr. O.C.L. Jr. State, Federal, United States Have you ever waited and waited for something good to happen, and then it doesn't? Well, I have several issues that fits this scenario, but I'll mention one at the moment and post again at another time. I waited and waited for the passing of voting rights and ALL the good that comes with it. Question is, who are we going to vote into office, if we get to vote at all, that will finally see the importance of giving all eligible voters the opportunity to vote? Getting this voting thing right is my issue.
Thomas Municipal, , United States Infrastructure (Bridges)
Olivia Federal, , United States The environment/fighting climate change.
TD Scales State, , United States North Carolina should not levy taxes against retired veterans or retirees or their pensions. People who work 20-40 years and paid taxes during that time should be exempt.
Mariah Federal, , United States 1. Preserving democracy and voting rights. Highly concerned about far-right extremists and violent rhetoric. 2. Protection of preborn babies. Killing children is not healthcare.
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