The purpose for these interactive maps is for the world’s citizens to have a one-stop venue where anyone who chooses to, can submit their personal municipal, county, state, federal, and or country’s issues. Statements are public and the top 10 issues are available.


myissuesare.com illuminates the accountability and transparency for everyone, including elected officials, to see what citizens desire from municipal, county, state, and federal representatives in all 50 states. It gives power and voice to the voting majority, “We the People…”. Electing enough representatives, “For the People”, in all political races has the potential to eliminate and or curb stumbling blocks that inhibit progress.


The intention is for better communication between citizens, their leaders and connection to others around the world. Possible inspirations are that everyone can have knowledge of issues we have in common and or unique issues in other parts of our world. In essence, it could literally open up a world of opportunities for humanitarian efforts that may bring us together peacefully. Some issues could possibly lead to life purposes and tug on the hearts of some people to use their gifts, talents, and time towards causes and places one didn’t know exists.

Please submit your issue(s) and share myissuesare.com with everyone
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